KORUA Shapes – Snowboard

At the moment, I really enjoy to have creative friends taking off in different directions. They are writing, experimenting with electronic music… and they shape snowboards!! KORUA Shapes

In snowboarding, I think I missed the point where I would have been fearless enough to become really good. It was always fascinating for me to jump kickers and experiment in the half pipe… but to be honest, it just never was quite good enough! Carving, going fast and cutting lines into fresh pow on the other hand was always my thing!
Eventually I got bored by the standardized, soft-ish, rocker/cambers that were available and I cut down on snow time simply because I was bored.
…just until Nicholas Wolken put an Apollo56 under my feet.

The huge nose and tiny tale make it a playful, squirrely companion. Fast turns and tight carving on slopes are super fun and if you take Apollo56 for a swim in some powpow, you’ll be the first one to run up the hill again to get a another line!
A huge THANK YOU!  to KORUA Shapes for hooking me up with my new favorite toy!

468967237_1280x720 Kopie 10029-w640 Kopie

days in the snow

I had the pleasure to spend some time back home again with Patrick and his buddy Duncan.
It is incredible to have the possibility to go home any time and find a comfortable bed, good company and home made food. A very big thank you to my lovely mom!

This astonishing person just got my old mac book and is now being introduced to a whole new galaxy for the first time.
The www!

mom playing apple

Mom & Pat discovering PhotoBooth


Castal, Photo by Duncan Kay

Canadian Breaky Goodness

Pat’s pancakes

Duncan playing Camera

Duncan playing camera, Photo by Duncan Kay

duncans handstand

Amazing tricks!, Photo by Patrick Switzer


Ursula, Photo by Patrick Switzer