Gipsy feet

What a year!
My updates here get rare with a remarkable increase of my CO2 foot print… my gipsy feet took me to the Greener Pastures film trip, Japan, to North America twice and all around Europe again.

New people became friends, old friends were visited.
The mountains and the ocean filled my heart with impressions. Never was the mood between the ladies racing so positive and motivating as this year.

Life goes away from the rhythm of the gipsy for a little bit now.
Sleeping on wonderful memories, preparing the next adventure.

kody and the dragonfly Kopie

Fuji at night Kopie

Endless Corner Kopie

IMG_2962 Kopie

IMG_2990 Kopie

IMG_3023 Kopie

IMG_3104 Kopie

IMG_3263 Kopie

IMG_3466 Kopie

IMG_3525 Kopie

IMG_8431 Kopie

Photos by tamara prader & patrick switzer


beauty of the moment. about solo sessions

Skating is good for the soul.
A lack of motivation to look for company made me go to Dolder and Rigiblick alone. I haven’t skated on my own in a very, very long time. It felt great!
The things I was working on didn’t work any better only because I was skating by myself but stubbornness made me skate three hours, run to the gondola to catch it again and push harder. It made me swear silently when things didn’t work out and it made my soul happy.

tamara ovronnaz@olivier séguin leduc
Photo by Olivier Séguin- Leduc

Before I went on my solo mission, I visited the Museum Rietberg with my mom. It has an incredibly beautiful garden and very nice buildings.
The exhibition was called „The beauty of the moment“ and showed Japanese, hand coloured Photos from the 19th century and woodblock prints from the 18th and 19th century. The Japanese culture has such an entirely different understanding of room and proportion and I am fascinated by the reserved and powerful beauty that comes out of it. The high diligence in the details makes me feel humble.

image description
Japanese Photo 1890 ©2012 Museo delle Culture, Lugano