Longboard Today Mag, Brazil

Somehow I deserve some Brazilian love…

It is an honor to be on the cover of the Brazilian Magazine „Longboard Today“ sharing pages with dear friends and lady shredders like Emmanuelle Daigle! A very huge thanks & shout out to Freitas Junior who managed put together a lovely set of fresh questions, I was stoked to answer.

One day I will make it to show up in Brazil to load up on a life time of Açai, hug Georgeee, stare at some Niemeyers and find where all those InHeagies are going.

Take a look at the mag online:

Longboard Today

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Virus Voyage – TV time

„Adrenalin – Junkie mit Hirn“ (adrenaline junkie with brain) is easily the nicest title I came across for interviews I gave. The TV crew of Virus Voyage accompanied me to this year’s Wolzen Bolzen free ride. Not a place where I can really shine with my riding as I still consider racing my pony… but the view was great, the event simply lovely, there was a chair lift, sun & a really long and very windy mountain road.

The footage and photos the Virus Team gathered makes me really happy!

A very big THANKS to:

Andi Rohrer, Anic Lautenschlager, Ivo Amarilli, Noëlle Guidon & Tobias Bühler from Virus Voyage as well to the Wolzen Bolzen Crew & the Burning Wheels Tour! And of course a kiss for my personal camera operator Patrick Switzer.

Take a look at the portrait here:




Photos ©noëlleguidon

Aeschbacher SRF

Aeschbacher – Farbig wie das Leben

There is Swiss TV talk shows. Who would have thought!?

I had the pleasure to be invited to our talk show master Kurt Aeschbacher, it was a hot summer day and the studio was at +42° Celsius … steamy. Once more I got to give the safety and legality talk and it was all about convincing the guy that I am not mentally handicapped, even tough I downhill skateboard.

Another great experience with the SRF putting me in front of a camera! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

Watch here.



7Sky Magazine Interview

Here we go! The interview I did with the 7Sky Magazine is now ready to be read.
Check it out here.

I feel honored that I got an interview published in the latest <a href=“http://www.7skymagazine.ch/“ target=“_blank“>7Sky Magazine</a>! <i>Silence</i> is the title of this issue and I am very happy that downhill longboarding made it’s way in there.

Thank you very much Coco Tâche!

86_cover 7sky
7Sky Skate 1


Portrait 2 PS Urania
Thank you for being ready for any mission, Patrick! Photo by Patrick Switzer