Gummi Love „Pump-King Challange“

Sometimes it is the best thing to check out the other side of the fence. Ok, usually it works that way. It may just be a little bit uncomfortable, put in in unknown situations, give you the feeling that you really suck at some things… but also, and this is whee it becomes so much fun, the feeling to learn something new is worth all the pain! No, I didin’t lear how to save the world. I only got to play in a pump track. But it is so much fun!!!

This year, Gummi Love is organizing a pump track series, the Pump-King Challenge! There are four stops in Switzerland & suggest you find yourself some strong legs and join in!

Here the video of the first event in the BikePark Pfäffikon.

Longboard Today Mag, Brazil

Somehow I deserve some Brazilian love…

It is an honor to be on the cover of the Brazilian Magazine „Longboard Today“ sharing pages with dear friends and lady shredders like Emmanuelle Daigle! A very huge thanks & shout out to Freitas Junior who managed put together a lovely set of fresh questions, I was stoked to answer.

One day I will make it to show up in Brazil to load up on a life time of Açai, hug Georgeee, stare at some Niemeyers and find where all those InHeagies are going.

Take a look at the mag online:

Longboard Today

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Virus Voyage – TV time

„Adrenalin – Junkie mit Hirn“ (adrenaline junkie with brain) is easily the nicest title I came across for interviews I gave. The TV crew of Virus Voyage accompanied me to this year’s Wolzen Bolzen free ride. Not a place where I can really shine with my riding as I still consider racing my pony… but the view was great, the event simply lovely, there was a chair lift, sun & a really long and very windy mountain road.

The footage and photos the Virus Team gathered makes me really happy!

A very big THANKS to:

Andi Rohrer, Anic Lautenschlager, Ivo Amarilli, Noëlle Guidon & Tobias Bühler from Virus Voyage as well to the Wolzen Bolzen Crew & the Burning Wheels Tour! And of course a kiss for my personal camera operator Patrick Switzer.

Take a look at the portrait here:




Photos ©noëlleguidon

Aeschbacher SRF

Aeschbacher – Farbig wie das Leben

There is Swiss TV talk shows. Who would have thought!?

I had the pleasure to be invited to our talk show master Kurt Aeschbacher, it was a hot summer day and the studio was at +42° Celsius … steamy. Once more I got to give the safety and legality talk and it was all about convincing the guy that I am not mentally handicapped, even tough I downhill skateboard.

Another great experience with the SRF putting me in front of a camera! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

Watch here.