Quite pointless to post things like these, I admit. There is more important stuff I could write and think about. But in a moment of creative excitement… I was brainstorming a while and then lost track and strarted to clean up my computer. Before we can produce new things it helps sometimes to look at what we already made… in order to know better now.

funny creatures

doing that skateboarding thing now!

Oh, I have a feeling this could be the time of my life!
I landed in Los Angeles last night, got picked up from the airport and driven straight to the Newport Filmfestival where I was just a little too late for Drop, My Life Downhill… all skate style, being late for things…
My NJK leathers are just being finished right now! Too stoked on that one! And in a little bit, we’ll take off to Avalon where the Catalina Island Classic is happening this weekend. We are 6 ladies at the startline! The road looks like a lot of fun and I am sure, my jetlag will kick in just in time.

travel map small
being bored in the air, by Tamara Prader


schnick schnack for miss sophie

Sophie Friedel asked me to create a blog log for her page where she shares thoughts, design and art related things on her digital platform for the art of living sideways!
With the innocence of a fawn, Sophie seems to walk through this world without any prejudice, source of never ending energy, protecting the good and the colourful things in this world!
She was living and working in Kabul for the Skateistan project which is still animating children to go to school and skate.
It is wonderful to have inspiring and openminded people around us!

120409_Flausen im Kopf_2

Alter Hase

Sometimes it’s ok to be sick. At least if there is enough energy to do the things that usually there isn’t time for.
… Such as working on this years appearance. I can’t wait to get my NJK suit!
Or finishing things like …
„Alter Hase“, January 2012, Pencil, for my friend Maria.

alter hase