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Dan Cermak Zürich_I0A0872 Kopie
March 2015, Photo by ©http://www.dancermak.com/


2014 #3 in the IDF World Cup ranking
2013 #5 in the IDF World Cup rankig
2012 #4 in the IGSA World Cup ranking
2011 #3 in the IGSA World Cup ranking

I grew up in a tiny village in the Swiss Alps.
After giving up on ballet; snowboarding, bouldering and architecture took over. I kept working as a snowboard instructor SSBS and graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
Then, skateboarding happened.
I only have the longboarding bug because of a rainy sunday which kept me from snowboarding.
A mild winter 2010 gave me the possibility to improve my riding until I felt comfortable enough to register for the first races!
After a knee injury, a fast recovery got me back on track just in time and I was still convinced to be able to compete.

And it worked out!
“ I ride regular, enjoy spending time in the mountains & meeting people from all over the world. I don’t like roadrash. I like smelling the contact glue before putting the new sole on the shoe.
I love my darth vader helmet & my boyfriend. „

Thanks to all the lovely people who encourage and support me.
Go grab your boards Ladies…!

1st Carcar Veggie High, Philippines
4th Maryhill Festival of Speed, Washington, USA
2nd qualifier at Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic

Super Mango Clinic, Oslob, Philippines
Super Weisswurst Clinic, Ingolstadt, Germany
Atomic Downhill, Burning Wheels Tour, Switzerland
Wolzen Bolzen, Burning Wheels Tour, Switzerland

1st Dumanjug, Philippines
2nd Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic
2nd Almabtrieb, Germany
2nd Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA
3rd Whistler Longboard Festival, Canada
4th Peyragudes Never Dies, France
4th Angie’s Curves, California
7th Maryhill Festival of Speed, USA

2nd Catalina Classic, California
2nd Angie’s Curves, California
3rd Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic
5th Whistler Longboard Festival, Canada
6th Peyragudes Never Dies, France
9th Maryhill Festival of Speed, USA

1st Catalina Classic, California
4th Danger Bay, BC
1st Jakes Rash, BC

5th Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic
3rd Padova Grand Prix, Teolo Italy
7th Peyragudes Deluxe Cup, Peyragudes France

2nd Hot Heels Africa, Kogelberg
2nd High Rising, Grabouw

5th Ekstremsports Veko Voss, Norway
7th Kozakov Challenge, World Cup, Czech Republic
Insul Cup, World Cup, Germany
4th Teolo Grand Prix, World Cup, Italy
3rd Verdicchio Race, European Championchip, Italy
Broadway Bomb, New York City
2nd Houwteq HDX, South Africa
2nd Hot Heels, World Cup, South Africa


Dan Cermak Zürich_I0A0579 Kopie

Zürich, March 2015, Photo by ©http://www.dancermak.com/

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