no place like home

After a very nice afternoon skate with my friend at our local spot, I just found this incredible invention.
A GPS shoe by Dominic Wilcox. Not just functional… really nice too! Have a look at the project he called No place like home …which makes it that little extra bit better.



Quite pointless to post things like these, I admit. There is more important stuff I could write and think about. But in a moment of creative excitement… I was brainstorming a while and then lost track and strarted to clean up my computer. Before we can produce new things it helps sometimes to look at what we already made… in order to know better now.

funny creatures

czech formalism


When you travel, you often feel like you see the most beautiful things but your heart isn’t big enough to capture it all!
… That’s when you can take out your camera, if you’re lucky, and take a picture. Calvin Russell sings the following lines in „Crossroads“:

I’ve travelled many roads
And not all of them where good
The foolish ones taught more to me
Than the wise ones ever could

It is good to leave the highway every now and then!