There is one high rise!

It is always astonishing to see how pragmatic, straight forward and without any prejudice a child’s world works.
My godson came to visit me in Zurich again. He’s been asking for weekends in the city since he was four. …And I hope we can do this for another few years since spending time with little people is awesome!

Livio und der turm
Livio and the one! Finding out about how high 126m are. „If I’d put 126 Livios on top of each other, the last one would hit his head on the ceiling here.“ he observes on the top floor. Photo by Tamara Prader

those two
Self portrait at the bottom of the Prime Tower. Composition by Livio Prader

down to top

lilio und mara

schnick schnack for miss sophie

Sophie Friedel asked me to create a blog log for her page where she shares thoughts, design and art related things on her digital platform for the art of living sideways!
With the innocence of a fawn, Sophie seems to walk through this world without any prejudice, source of never ending energy, protecting the good and the colourful things in this world!
She was living and working in Kabul for the Skateistan project which is still animating children to go to school and skate.
It is wonderful to have inspiring and openminded people around us!

120409_Flausen im Kopf_2

based on wood – about girls in longboarding

My skate buddy Gloria Kupsch published an article in the Australian Heelside magazine that is worth reading! Yes, it is about ladies in longboarding again. Just better than what you read until now.

Here’s the link to the article!

Just like Gloria, I had talked so much about women in boardsports that I almost forgot about what this actually is… it is about skateboarding!
Thank you Frau Kupsch – and now let’s not talk but skate.

new spectacles

How awesome is it to have an optometrist who is stoked enough about downhill skateboarding to support this years adventures!
I got new Paul Smith nerd glasses and super light, flexible and hopefully pretty undestryable Mykita sunshades.
Eagle eye is ready for the skate trip.
Thank you very much <a href=““ target=“_blank“>Fred</a>!

Oaul Mykita

Chasing the sun

The forecast was miserable for this years Easter weekend. One wonderful fact, in Switzerland you’ll always find a spot where the sun is shining.
Chasing the sun, the Swiss Skate Van made it’s way to the Wallis. A valley of vineyards and fruit trees, all in bloom! At times, snow was falling on the pink blossoms but the road was dry for most parts. Mmm… what a good skate trip!


oster morgen


über dem wallis


7Sky Magazine Interview

Here we go! The interview I did with the 7Sky Magazine is now ready to be read.
Check it out here.

I feel honored that I got an interview published in the latest <a href=““ target=“_blank“>7Sky Magazine</a>! <i>Silence</i> is the title of this issue and I am very happy that downhill longboarding made it’s way in there.

Thank you very much Coco Tâche!

86_cover 7sky
7Sky Skate 1


Portrait 2 PS Urania
Thank you for being ready for any mission, Patrick! Photo by Patrick Switzer